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About Scene Magazine

We aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, recognising not only what we have in common, but celebrating, supporting and respecting the differences and diversity within our communities.

We are a not for profit Community Interest Company and have been pivotal in the development of the LGBTQ+ voluntary sector, and instrumental in a number of campaigns to improve the rights of those in the LGBTQ+ community.

Only national LGBTQ+ magazine carrying community news from all regions of the UK to all LGBTQ+ communities.

Free to read online monthly magazine.

Extensive Arts coverage, including music reviews, book reviews and event previews.





Campaigning to improve services for people with HIV in Brighton and Hove.


The formation of Project Zorro to refocus HIV prevention funding in Brighton and Hove.


Held a seat on the Anti Victimisation Initiative (AVI).


Successfully campaigned for Sussex Police to appoint a LGBTQ+ Police Liaison officer.


Launched a public appeal to commission the building of Brighton’s Aids Memorial, ‘The Tay’.


The Rainbow Fund was established and continues to support LGBTQ+ organisations and charities.


Campaigned for Brighton Pride to first and foremost raise money for LGBTQ+ community organisations, and deliver frontline services to the community.


The first issue dedicated to mental health was released with MindOut.


Gscene becomes Scene to represent our inclusiveness of all parts of the community and marks the start of our national expansion.

Key stats about Scene Magazine

Circulation: 30,000
Online Readership: 28,686
Published: Monthly
with daily posts
Impressions: 134,200
Facebook: 5k+
Instagram: 1.5k+
Twitter: 4k+
We’ll be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2023

Our audience

69% Male
31% Female
*We are aware that many of our readers do not self identify by this binary division, however, technology hasn't caught up yet.
Age range: 25-54
Average age: 40


Public Health


Current Affairs

Our Team

Team member Jaq Bayles
Features Editor: Jaq Bayles
Team member Graham Robson.
News Editor: Graham Robson
Team member Alex Klineberg.
Arts Editor: Alex Klineberg
News Team: Graham Robson, Eric Page, Rachel Badham, Paul Smith

Causes we support

Media partners for:
Pride, Brighton and Hove logo.
Bear Patrol logo.
Brighton Bear Weekend.
Raising funds for:

The Brighton Rainbow Fund to distribute to LGBTQ+
and HIV projects supporting thousands of people in
our community.

Rainbow Fund logo.


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Scene magazine is a not for profit Community Interest Company, and any surplus income is invested back
into the magazine or used to support the local
LGBTQ+ community.

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